Commercial Photo Gallery

Bloomingdale Commercial Water Loss

Large volumes of water soaked into the sheetrock of this Bloomingdale business center after a main break. SERVPRO responded quickly, but when the water has soaked into the materials over the weekend, it was no longer salvageable. We can perform a deconstruction, but just what is needed to clean up and dry the facility to enable a rebuild.

Carol Stream Shops and Stores and Unwanted Water

When leaks occur in the back storage rooms of small commercial enterprises in the Carol Stream vicinity, a wise move is to call SERVPRO. We can respond quickly and set up industry-leading drying equipment to protect your inventory and your doors open for business.

Carol Stream Flood Damage

The muddy debris is still visible on the tile of this commercial building in Carol Stream. The overhead conduit is part of a large dehumidifying system in place to extract as much moisture as possible to prevent secondary water damage. SERVPRO techs are multi-tasking to get this corridor back in service as soon as feasible.

Commercial Building Water Damage--Carol Stream

Roof leaks allow water to trickle down through the attic supporting structure and collect in the sheetrock ceiling material. When Carol Stream companies seek a fast, water and debris removal solution to keep the business operational, they often turn to SERVPRO for 24/7 assistance.

Commercial Water Damage – West Chicago

Commercial water damage in West Chicago can involve some very large buildings requiring specialized industrial equipment to remediate the damages. It also requires a company with large loss experience and the available equipment to handle the job at hand. Shown here is a trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier which is used to extract vast quantities of water vapor from water damaged structures.

West Chicago Water Damage to a Commercial Building

This commercial building in West Chicago was closed down after the storm ripped a hole in the roof and flooded the drop ceiling and walls with water. SERVPRO can set up containment barriers to isolate areas to expedite the drying with the use of heavy duty LGR dehumidifiers and air movers.

Flooding in a Lombard in a Commercial Building

The flooded flooring in the building was relieved of the standing water in the Lombard building. The "tented" surface reduced the drying volume to expedite the process to completion. SERVPRO deploys industrial grade equipment with proven methodologies which have earned the trust of our clients.